Joomla How To: How to create a login URL without adding it to a menu

Many sites have no need to publish the login module as there may not be the need for many users to log in to the site, or they simply just wish to have the login facility discreet. However there may still be the need to have a link or menu item to a login page, which would allow a front-end user to login to the website to edit or submit content.

There are two simple ways to accomplish this, along with a slightly more technical way of achieving this. The first way to do this is to add a menu item to the login page. Start by logging into the Administrator Panel (back-end) of your website. Go to Menu Manager and choose the menu where you would like the login menu item to be added to. Within the menu, select 'New' and choose 'External Link'. Then within the URL field type: index.php?option=com_user&view=login

Alternatively, you can add it anywhere into your site by creating a link within a module item, or content item and for the link URL, type:-


Lastly, a more complex way of doing this (but one that allows you to create a discreet login link on every page) is to add it directly to your template html by means of adding the following code to a suitable position of your template page and styling it accordingly:

<div id="loginLink">
<a href="">Login </a>