How long does it take to learn Joomla?

How long does it take to learn Joomla?  This is a commonly asked question with no exact answer, however the fundamentals of Joomla are quite straight forward and therefore to get a good understanding of how it works, from being able to install extensions and templates, to adding new pages, creating menu items to link to those pages and more shouldnt realistically take that long, it is just a case of taking each process one at a time.

To fully master Joomla, it may take you a few months (but most people do not need to master it), however to get a good understanding should only take a few hours (or a few days at most, depending on how much you work invest in to it) but learning by doing is the best way to understand.  There are plenty of Joomla guides available on this website to get you started.

We also recommend reading the Joomla Quick Start Guide pdf to help get a quick understanding of Joomla or visit for more help.

There are several dedicated books on the subject which are ideal for beginners and all in all it doesnt take long to learn Joomla.