Joomla Website Designer Kit Overview



The Website Designer Kit has been designed and built for website designers, or anyone looking to design their own websites and/or Joomla templates in the easiest way possible, making it easy for everyone to quickly add their designs to these blank layouts, creating great looking, bespoke designs built on Joomla quickly and easily.

Create your own bespoke designs easily

If you are good with design, but lack the technical skills to develop and build a website then the Joomla Website Designer Kit is ideal for you! Unleash your creativity knowing that you now have the kit that makes your design dreams come alive!  No developers needed!

Utilize the power of Joomla!

Joomla is one of the most powerful Content Management Systems (CMS) available and is certainly one of the best choices when it comes to website design as it gives you far more flexibility than you would have with a typical HTML based website.  Taking it one step further, you can couple your designs with our Website Starter Kit for a ready-to-go website in minutes, which includes: a built-in Blog, Newsletter, Shop, Website statistics from Google Analytics, Gallery, Google Adsense and much more all built into Joomla. See a full list of Website Starter Kit features.

Easy to customize

There are lots of easy to change parameters that you can change to help get the template to fit your needs and for those who want to delve even further there is an easy to edit CSS file with a simple settings feature for even more flexibility! (and for advanced users with CSS experience well there are no limits!)

No HTML/CSS knowledge required!

The Joomla Website Designer Kit is for Designers not Developers! No technical skills required. Start by designing your website as normal using your favourite design application and then simply export the graphical elements which will slot right into the kit template for a bespoke website design.

Make Money

You are free to sell the Joomla templates that you design, or even start your own Joomla template club! We might even showcase them right here on Joomla Central within our Joomla templates section bringing you even more exposure!

and much more!

Also included in the pack are layout guides, making it even easier to quickly put your design together in your favourite design application, PDF sketch sheets which you can print off for easier design planning and links to guides, full of step by step instructions from design to build - helping to make the whole process very simple.

Lets get technical!

The Joomla Website Designer Kit has been developed in order to streamline website development workflow by providing the most commonly used website layouts based on a width of 980 pixels for rapid website development, without the need to write (or know) any HTML, CSS or PHP.

Utilising some of the most common layouts, you simply just design your website as normal using your favourite design application (i.e. Fireworks, Photoshop etc). Choose a template layout that matches your design closest, open up the included layout guide (background layer) and start designing on top.

What the Joomla Website Designer Kit contains:

Included in the kit is everything you need to get started easily:

Lots of different blank layout templates, including color variations (dark/light).
Layout Guide Templates (background layers) for fireworks, photoshop, gimp, illustrator.
PDF Sketch Sheets.
Links to our Website Designer Kit guides, with step by step instructions.

How to design your next website:

Just simply start by opening one of the included template background layers in your favourite design application (i.e. fireworks, Photoshop, gimp, illustrator) which are included in your layout pack and set that as the background layout for which to base your design on. (The background layout guides are simple wireframe like guides which show the position of logo, header, columns etc - making it easy for you to position your design elements).

Next start designing over the background layout guide - get as creative as you like!

When your design is ready, simply export each slice as per the included guidelines i.e. logo.png, header.png, background.png, menu background etc along with any other design elements.

Upload your exported graphics via ftp to your webspace (see the included guidelines for complete steps on where to upload to within your template folder within your hosting.  Alternatively you can use the built in file uploader which is built into Joomla).

Modify any parameters to suit your needs. See below.

Design elements that you can modify

(easily, without changing code)

You can modify the logo, header banner, background, menu background + menu hover, any content images, module title header backgrounds, button backgrounds (i.e. read more, login etc), footer background and more. Basically you can achieve almost anything.  Remember that most websites are based on standard layouts, but it is the design elements that make up the design that makes it unique, which is what makes this kit ideal for you. With the amount of layout variations included, you can achieve almost anything!

You can also modify anything else if you are familiar with CSS/HTML (so there really are no limits) however these layouts are ideally suited for designers.  If you are a designer/developer and are quite knowledgable in CSS/HTML/PHP then there are also several Joomla Template Frameworks which allow you to do the same - See our guide to the best Joomla Template Frameworks, however they do require a high level of knowledge in order to achieve the results required.

Website Starter Kit ready!

As well as being designed to be fully compatible with Joomla, it's also designed to fit right in to our Website Starter Kit.  The Website Starter Kit from GuidedHelp is a fully customized installation of Joomla, complete with lots of professional features, with extensions including blogs, shopping cart, slide show, interactive map and much more. Everything that you and your clients will need with a new website, except without all of the hassle of putting it all together!

Start Here, Get There

You can get started right now with our Joomla Website Designer Kit - simply download the kit now and install it on any Joomla website your working on, change any settings to suit your needs and you will be up and running in no time.



Template Name: Website Designer Kit
Provided by:
Price: Free!


Take a look at these great features:

* Joomla 1.5 Ready Template
* Firefox 3.6, Opera, Safari 4, IE8 Compatible
* Collapsible Modules
* Easy Parameters for Logo, Header, Background Image and more...
* Layout templates for fireworks, photoshop, gimp, illustrator
* PDF Sketch Sheets
* Website Starter Kit Ready




The small print!

Although the templates include a credit link (i.e. Powered by GuidedHelp Websites) as seen in our free templates, you can change the credit link to your own credit link i.e. Designed by ....  or alternatively you can easily turn the credit link off via one of the easy to use parameters. As these templates are GPL you can modify them in any way you choose, however you must keep the copyright information intact within the source files as this is a GPL requirement.  

Although the templates are GPL you cannot redistribute/resell the packs as they contain our background layouts and sketch sheets which are copyrighted.  You are only permitted to redistribute/resell the templates themselves without the additional items in the packs (you can design as many websites as you want, or sell as many different templates as you want!) - keeping with the essence of GPL, you are free to do what you want, so go for it!

Example Designs

The GuidedHelp website was built with the Joomla Website Designer Kit and all of our very own free and exclusive Joomla templates have been built with it to.