GuidedHelp - Sunshine - Joomla Administrator Template


GuidedHelp Sunshine is a Joomla administator template thats been built right into our Website Starter Kit - Joomla, complete with lots of great extensions and templates all ready to go.  Sunshine has been designed to help make Joomla as easy as possible to use and quick to get started with.  Sunshine is based on the standard Joomla Administrator template, where we have not only brightened it up, but added lots of quick icons to all of the pre-installed extensions to help speed up your website building process.

Additional Information

Our Free Website Starter Kit is a full featured Joomla installation, containing lots of Joomla extensions to help you get started with your new website in the quickest and easiest way possible. From shopping cart to blog, maps, gallery, newsletter and more all built right in and ready to go. A great and easy way to start your next Joomla project, or an ideal all in one ready to go website solution. Read more about the Website Starter Kit here.


Template Name: GuidedHelp Base
Template Provider: GuidedHelp
Price: Free (with Website Starter Kit)
Promotion: Get our Joomla based Website Starter Kit for free!



Take a look at these great features:

* Joomla Administrator Template
* Quick icons to pre-installed extensions
* Website Starter Kit Ready
* Free!



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