GuidedHelp Caulfield

GuidedHelp Caulfield Joomla Template

Caulfield - Another Free Joomla Template from GuidedHelp

Our templates are not over designed like many templates you may find but are designed to work on real websites, from business sites and company home pages to personal sites and much more, designed with a nice, clean, professional look that will suit the majority of website requirements and won't put off your website visitors with too much graphics that over empower the content.

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Take a look at these great features:

* Firefox 3.6, Opera, Safari 4, IE8 Compatible
* IE6 Warning & Limited IE6 Support
* Joomla 1.5 Compatible
* Website Starter Kit Ready


Version 3.0 has several improvements:

  • Drop Down Menu
  • Standard Joomla Module Positions
  • Custom Google Fonts
  • Bug Fixes


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Additional Information

This template along with all of our other GuidedHelp Joomla templates will work with your Joomla 1.5 installation as any other normal template and you can get started straight away by downloading now. However our Joomla templates are designed to work best and slot right in to our Free Website Starter Kit, which is a full featured Joomla installation, containing lots of Joomla extensions to get you started in the quickest and easiest way possible. From Shopping cart to blog, maps, gallery, newsletter and more all built right in and ready to go. A great and easy way to start your next Joomla project, or an ideal all in one ready to go website solution. Read more about the Website Starter Kit.