Where to Shop for Joomla Templates

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joomla-how-to-where-to-shop-for-templatesLearn where the best places are to find great looking Joomla templates, Joomla website designers or even learn how to create your own Joomla templates.



Learn where to find the best Joomla templates.


There are thousands of Joomla! templates available, but finding one that would suit the needs of your website can be a tricky and time consuming task.

Joomla! website templates can help you to create a professional looking website, even if you don't have any design or development skills, and can save a significant amount of time, not to mention money. There are thousands of Joomla! templates available online at various costs so choosing the right Joomla! template may seem difficult but if you are clear on what you want to say, who your visitors will be and what type of site you will have then choosing the right Joomla! website template will be easy. Even those who lack any sort of technical background can make a professional looking website in no time by way of installing a Joomla! template.

Thanks to Joomla! templates, you can forget about the hard part of web designing. There are many Joomla! website templates available for free online (including our very own free Joomla! templates from These free templates are suitable for beginners, personal pages or small businesses. Paid templates from other professional Joomla! template providers can also be very helpful and you can get some amazing templates for around $25-$75 which can give your website a professional look. See our guide to the best professional Joomla template providers.

Alternatively you can commission a website designer to design you a bespoke Joomla! template. The advantages to this are that you will have a unique design that has been professionally designed to suit your needs, however the drawbacks are that the costs are normally far higher than that of buying a professional pre-designed Joomla! template (we feature website designers in our Joomla Marketplace on Take a look at our Joomla Services section for a list of Joomla! website designers).

Lastly, if you are creative and have some time, why not have a try at designing your own Joomla! template? There are several ways to achieve this. If you are knowledgeable in HTML, CSS (and some PHP) you can design and build your own Joomla! template to suit your needs precisely. Advantages to this are that you will have a unique design and cost saving benefits, however the drawbacks are the increased amount of time that's required to design and build your own Joomla! template.

TIP! An easy alternative for designing and developing your own Joomla! template is to use our very own and free Joomla Website Designer Kit, that helps you quickly achieve your own unique looking template, very easily and without the need to modify any HTML, CSS or PHP - absolutely no knowledge or experience required.

Installing Joomla! templates is very similar to how you would install Joomla! extensions, although it requires a few extra steps when getting your modules into the template positions. See our guide on how to install a Joomla! Template later in this book.