How to Change the Joomla Administrator Control Panel

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joomla-how-to-change-joomla-administrator-templateLearn how to change your Joomla control panel by installing a new Joomla Administrator Template - ideal for more experienced Joomla users.



Changing your Joomla Administrator Template is easy with this quick guide.


The default Joomla! administrator template which although is quite basic, it fits the needs of most users without making things overly complex. However over time users soon realize how basic the default administrator template is. Fortunately for these more seasoned users of Joomla! there is more advanced administrator templates available. See our guide to the best Joomla administrator templates.

Installing a new administrator template in Joomla! is an almost identical process as to installing a standard Joomla! template, which is done by logging into the back-end administrator panel, opening the Extension Manager (Extensions > Install / Uninstall) and uploading the required administrator template.

Once installed, you simply browse to the Template Manager (Extensions > Template Manager) and choose the 'Administrator' tab. You will then be able to choose the default administrator template from the list of those currently installed.

Unlike front-end templates, you cannot assign administrator templates to specific menu items within the administrator panel and quite simply an assigned template becomes the only template that is currently used.