How To Add Comments To Your Website

joomla-website-comments-guide-thumbnailPage comments are a great way of enabling interactivity and repeat visits from your website visitors. For this guide we show you how to enable page comments and allow discussions on your page topics, products or services.



How to add comments to your website


Because everybody has something to say

Enabling interaction and discussions on your website is a great way of not only encouraging people to come back, but it also generates more content for your website and helps keeps it fresh, something which not only the search engines love but people love too. One of the most popular comment systems available today is the Disqus comment system, which if you have ever left a comment on a website before, chances are you have used Disqus to post your comment without realising it, as it integrates with many popular social networking services such as Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo.

The great thing about the Disqus comment system is that it doesn't require visitors to go through the sign up process on your website just to add a comment to an article or page you've created (a huge put off for many of us) as the Disqus comment system is universal across hundreds of thousands of websites, from small blogs to large publications, they all rely on Disqus Comments for their discussion communities so you will be choosing a system that is used by the best of them. Users simply just need to sign up once to Disqus and can post comments on many websites they come across, or even better, if they already have a Facebook, Twitter or Yahoo account then they can sign in with those details and instantly post a comment. It becomes so versatile that it makes it very easy to interact with others on web sites.

The negativities of running comments on your website come from spam posts, people advertising their wares or trying to build links. As far as monitoring spam posts, well the Disqus comment system does that automatically for you, so you are really minimizing any additional work and can be left to just simply adding new content to your website.

For this guide we will be demonstrating how to setup a Disqus comment system using Joomla, which is our recommended and certainly one of the best Content Management Systems available. If you don't yet have Joomla, then you can quickly get up and running with Joomla with our free Website Starter Kit, which is the easiest way to get started with Joomla and includes lots of great built in features like the Disqus comment system, all ready to go.



Installing the comment system extension

First we need to sign up for a free account with Disqus


Next we need to download and install the disqus extension for Joomla.  The best Disqus extension for Joomla is the free Disqus Comment System from Joomlaworks.

To install the Disqus extension log in to the administration area of your Joomla site, then go to "Extensions", next click "Install / Uninstall" to upload and install the extension. If you're not sure how to install Joomla extensions then see our guide on how to install Joomla extensions.

Once installed we next need to configure the Disqus extension, which can be done by clicking on the "Extensions" menu, then "Plugin Manager" and look down the list of installed plugins for "Disqus Comment System".  Next, you will need to add your Disqus subdomain  in the field provided. This is the shortname used when setting up the account at Disqus.


Lastly we need to choose the categories and menu items where you would like to enable the Disqus comments. To finish we need to enable the plugin for the comments to start working.


Well that's it. You will now have a professional looking and easy to use comment system for your website. So start posting some new articles and watch the comments roll in! 


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