As our products are free and we are a very small team, support is not guaranteed, however we try to help in most cases.

Self Help

Please first try to see if there is already an answer to your query within our in-depth Q & A section on our website, it's a great way to learn how to fine tune your website, templates and to also learn more about Joomla in general. For more help with Joomla, see our Joomla Resources section for lots of links to everything you need to know about Joomla.

We also provide Template Documentation for any of our GuidedHelp Joomla Templates

Help Desk

If the Q & A section (or any other part of our Help Section) has not provided the help that you need, you can submit your problem to our helpdesk (Please note, response may be longer than 24 hours and is not guaranteed). Support is only provided for GuidedHelp Joomla Central products (Joomla Templates, Website Starter Kit) and applies only to those who have signed up to our Free Newsletter / ClubZone (Your email address will be checked).

Contact Us

For all other enquiries that are not support related, please feel free to contact us using our contact form.