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We have many Joomla How To Guides that will show you how to get the most out of Joomla.

You will learn how to install Joomla, along with how to install Joomla templates and extensions.  Additionally we also show you how to set up all aspects of your website, helping you get the most out of your website.

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choosing Joomla templatesHow to choose the right Joomla Template for your website

There are thousands of Joomla templates available so follow our guide for help on finding that one perfect Joomla template for your website. 

Choosing the right Joomla template


Joomla blogsHow to add a blog to Joomla

Having your own blog is a popular way of keeping your friends, clients or website visitors up to date with your latest news. For this guide we will show you how to install and setup your own blog using Joomla.

Joomla Blogs


Joomla GuestbookHow to add a guestbook to Joomla

Guestbooks are a great way for people to leave messages or feedback on websites. For this guide we show you how to setup your own website guestbook using Joomla.

Joomla Guestbook



How to add a gallery to Joomla

Display your photos and images in a professional way using an interactive photo gallery slide show. Help make your website stand out with this guide to adding a photo gallery to your website.

Joomla Gallery




Joomla CalendarHow to add an events calendar to Joomla

Add an events calendar to your Joomla website and let your visitors know whats happening when and where.

Joomla Calendar




Joomla MapHow to add a map to Joomla

Integrate a professional interactive map into your Joomla web site and help guide your visitors to where you need them to go.

Joomla Map



Joomla NewsletterHow to add a newsletter to Joomla

Help keep your customers and website visitors up to date with a newsletter.

Joomla Newsletter



joomla-website-comments-guide-thumbnailHow to add comments to Joomla

Page comments are a great way of enabling interactivity and repeat visits from your website visitors. For this guide we show you how to add comments to your website and allow discussions and interaction on your pages.

Joomla Comments


Joomla FlashHow to add flash to Joomla

Easily integrate Flash content into your website for even more flexibility.

Joomla Flash extension



Joomla Social Bookmarking

How to add Social Bookmarks to Joomla

Let visitors interact with your website and recommend it using links to popular social networking sites.

Social Networking Joomla


Joomla StatisticsHow to add website statistics to Joomla

View how many people visit your site, how they found your site, how they explored it and what pages they viewed. Also learn how to enhance your website visitor experience.

Joomla Statistics


Joomla WidgetsHow to add widgets to Joomla

Choose from many widgets from around the web to integrate directly into your website. Or make your own!

Joomla Widgets


How to backup your Joomla website

Learn how to backup your Joomla website, what extension to use and why it is very important to do so.

Joomla Backup


Joomla RSSHow to add RSS to Joomla

RSS is a popular way for people to stay up to date with their interests online. For this guide we show you how to easily allow your visitors to subscribe to your news feeds via RSS.

Joomla RSS


Install Joomla TemplatesHow to install Joomla templates

With thousands of Joomla templates available, we show you how to install Joomla templates the easy way.

Install Joomla Templates



Joomla UpdateHow to update Joomla

Learning how to update Joomla and keep your website up to date is an important aspect to running a Joomla based website. Learn how to do it easily with this Joomla how to guide.

Joomla Update


Joomla ShopHow to add an online shop to Joomla

Start selling your products or services directly from your website or make a complete online business and collect payment via paypal.

Joomla Shop




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